Thursday, September 25, 2008


Progress on the new Barnes & Noble is coming along nicely. A big bookstore with a big selection is one of the few things that's missing from the 2-mile radius of my dwelling. This will be a welcome addition. Too bad it's gotta be at The Maul.

Lorin and I spotted this baby bat cowering (and quivering) between our bicycles this morning after coffee. It was just a little over an inch in length. I'd be quivering, too, if someone was holding something 20 times my size 3 inches away from my face.

I've never seen a bat up close before. Cute little creatures, but I know better than to provoke it.

I got a cute fortune with my meal last night. In keeping true to posting my various (mis?)fortunes, I give you another spoonful of "Awwww"

I saw three fixed gear riders today around the City Center Square building. Usually, I only see geary-bike commuters this far north in the morning. The Art Institute kids must have woken up early. No photos of them, I had the camera tucked away already.

With the exception of the rain yesterday, the weather's still great for riding in Kansas City. For those who care about bike racing, this weekend is the official start of KC Cyclocross season. Plenty of my pals from the Monday Night Ride are going to be racing.

Maybe one of these days I'll get a 'cross bike and join in the fun. I'm not much for bicycle or auto racing, but I like WRC and Cyclocross seems pretty close to the same thing on bikes. It looks like fun and a 'Cross bike would probably make a worthy year-round commuter even if I never raced it.

Random Tunage:
Madonna - Ray of Light
Hybrid - I'm Still Awake

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Anonymous said...

XC is addictive! I hope I can make my first race tomorrow. I missed the first series race because I was out of town.

I race on my '02 Jamis Aurora touring/commuter/everything bike. Last year I did three races and came just short of my goal of finishing in the middle third of the B class. I think my highest placement was 40th (but I won a 6 pack of local microbrew for that finish, woohoo!). This year my goal is to finish in the top half of the B class at least once and hopefully win more beer!

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