Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If you just started out a little bit at a time...

Karen and I were greeted at Rainbow and Southwest by a motorist. She said "If I were in better shape, I'd be riding too!". I bit my tongue, but you can imagine what was running through my head.

No signs of Lorin this morning. I locked up to the Metro sign while I drank coffee, just to keep "Security" happy.

While JR and I were talking, we saw this guy ride up on his de-stickered Next bike and lock up to a trash can. I suppose that works. There are a lot of commuters out. About this time last year, they were starting to fade. It could be the gas prices, but my money's on the mild temperatures we've had this month.

Random Tunage:
Orchid - Starlight
VNV Nation - Arena


Anonymous said...

If only we had a dollar for every time we here the "if only------, I'd ride" statements. One gal at my work recently made the remark in a nasty tone, almost implying that I had an advantage because of it. I told her she can ride and I would help her do it. I volunteered to be her bike buddy. One of her excuses was how she lived so much farther than me, so I told her to leave her car at my house and ride with me. She shot that down right away, basically some folks just have to make their remarks and move on!

Anonymous said...

hey Noah,

name's Paul and I live down here in Wichita. curious about your panniers, I see they're axiom, which model? How is the fastening system? How long does it take you to get them on and off your rack? Have you ever had any problems?

Noah said...

They're the LaSalle Model, and retail for about $100 for the pair. They've been GREAT. Here's a photo with and without the rain cover installed.

Attachment: Lower is a bungee loop with a metal hook that goes onto the lower part of almost any frame rack. Upper is two metal hooks that drape over almost any frame rack. Secured with a plastic twist-lock that pinches against the under-side of the tube that the upper-hooks hang on.

They've never come off, and the LaSalle comes with a pair of rain covers. The rain covers are good for sprinkles or short distances in heavy rain, but long distances in a deluge will give you a puddle of water in the bottom of the rain cover and some standing water in the bottom of the panniers.

I can tell you that on this new sunlite rack, the twist-locks are a pain in the butt. On my old Blackburn rack, they worked like a charm. The reason the sunlite rack is causing problems is because of those welded-on supports that go back by the rear wheel. Those supports get in the way of the twist lock. I can still use the twist-lock, but it takes some ingenuity and time.

I can get them both on or off in under a minute and a half. It was easily under a minute on my previous rack.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the LaSalle panniers:
After Noah posted his photos and review of the LaSalles, I bought a pair. They are awesome and reasonably priced. I forget the twist-locks most of the time and I've never had one even come close to coming off my rack (Trek rack). For my every day commute these are the ticket and they don't break the bank. Thanks to Noah for a great recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Noah, thanks so much for the info on the panniers, very useful info!!

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