Friday, July 04, 2008

God Bless America. And Explosives.

Well, there was one single person showing human power at the Weatherby Lake 4th Of July Parade.

As for me? I'm helping put on an epic professional display. I hope I can get good pics of this, because I won't actually be doing any of the setting off. I'm not licensed for it... yet!

Oh yes. Explosive, indeed.

Random Tunage:
Hooverphonic - Battersea
Underworld - Pearl's Girl


Tom said...

The boom and the show is nice, But don't you think setting money on fire is a waste? Imagine the revolution if cities gave away free food instead (the first two thousand hot dogs free, Beer $1 a cup), Now that would be a party and the city would make money rather than set it aflame. BTW bring your fireworks.

MRMacrum said...

What is it with us guys anyway? When the chance to blow something up comes around, we all drop what we're doing and come running. I always used to hang out as near as I could to the fireworks staging area as I could. Wishin hard to be part of it. I envy you your participation. That is cool.

Noah said...

Sorry to have just now gotten around to approving (and replying to) the comments. I just recently woke up. It was a loooong day!

Tom, this display was at a small, affluent lake community, funded entirely by donations from its citizens. They can afford all the hotdogs they want. They went out of their way to get a hell of a fireworks show, and I went out of my way to help give it to them.

Mike, my crew usually puts on a decent show using hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of consumer-grade aerial display stuff. A bunch of us guys get together, pool our hard-earned cash and take the horse trailer out, leaving empty fireworks tents in our wake. This is my first experience setting up a professional display, however. I'm not sure I will do it again. Only one person can trigger the show, really (and it would rarely be my job) and the pay isn't too good. I could probably make 2x as much sitting on my ass in my office for 8 hours as I could ever hope to make in one 20-hour day with this kind of work.

I'll stick to buying and blowing up my own stuff next year.

Frogman said...

Maybe my being ill for the past week and not feeling well enough to help out wasn't such a bad thing then. I know I'll be jonesing for blowing stuff up later, because I was too tired to come out and help blow up the private stash with you guys. :(

Noah said...

You missed a few near-death experiences at the after-party. Ever seen what happens when you put the mortars in the tubes upside-down? It's kind of a big deal. But sooo fun.

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