Saturday, July 12, 2008

Getting ready for the Midnight Ride!

The wind and humidity made both Karen and I cave, we took the A bus home. Near the bus stop, I saw this relatively large tire. I'm assuming it's from a tractor. My access badge (slightly larger than a credit card) is there for scale. I can has West Nile?!

I had to go to Sports Authority to pick up the Lenexa Midnight Ride stuff for c'Dude and I. Another bike commuter was there on a BikesDirect Windsor Tourist. He was looking for a steel roadie with integrated levers and braze-ons for a rack. He's been pretty happy with it. I always wondered how those BikesDirect bikes held up, but most of them probably all roll off the same assembly line that big-name bikes do.

Midnight Ride! Two XL shirts, two bib numbers, and a pile of coupons. Awesome!

I decided to time-shift my sleep schedule and rode my bike to Daily Dose Bar & Coffee for my usual Friday Night Geek-Out. On the way home, I took this closed-off road (which I've posted many photos of before). Without any street lights, you can really get a feel for how bright the DiNotte 200L is. I still love this light. I used it on its lowest setting all night but flipped it to high for this photo. Unless you're scorching along at 20 MPH or faster, there's not much need for this kind of illumination.

I got done at Daily Dose around 1:00 AM. I continued on my way and swung by to wish my wife's friend happy b-day. My wife was still partying it up over there.

Along the way, I saw something humorous. This is Apria Healthcare.

... and I am trying to figure out if the burned-out flourescent letters on their building are intentional or just very fortunate:

The signs were already up for the Lenexa Midnight ride. What you don't see is that this sign alternates to say "Saturday 8:00PM".

If you're in the area, I hope to maybe run into you (not literally) at the Midnight Ride tonight. I'll be eschewing the Chris Cakes and heading to Denny's instead. Also, I have a freshly re-indoctrinated co-worker who will be there on his bike. He's back into mountain biking after a long break. I know quite a few others who will be there as well.

Random Tunage:
Nine Inch Nails - Discipline
The Cure - Prayers For Rain


Anonymous said...

Drat - I completely spaced off the Midnight Ride this year, and scheduled a minor surgery for day before yesterday that would make it rather uncomfortable to try to ride right now. Oh well, hopefully next year.

Apertome said...

Dude, Windsor is a well-known, and in my view well-respected bicycle company. It's not a "BikesDirect" brand, they're just selling it.

I'm amazed at how inexpensive the bike is at BikesDirect, though ... it almost seems too good to be true, which makes me wonder ...

Noah said...

I wasn't really downplaying Windsor... After all I've put about a thousand miles on a friggin Diamondback in the last two months... but the only place I've actually seen Windsor for sale was Bikes Direct (while doing research for Commute By Bike's commuter bike database). And yes, it's a helluvadeal for a bike as well equipped as it is.

Anonymous said...

It was good to see you again, if even for a few minutes. WarrenT

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