Sunday, June 08, 2008

Some weekend fun

Yesterday, my wife and I went to a new sushi joint that just opened up a few miles away in Olathe. This is part of a smallish upscale shopping center in part of Olathe that's been undergoing a lot of upper-middle class development lately. I've got mixed feelings on development in the suburbs, but the way I see it, adding more local amenities near existing residential zones is often a good thing. Within one mile of this shopping center, there are dozens of dining establishments from McDonald's and Long John's to Panera and Olive Garden and several places that are considerably more upscale than that. Super Target isn't a real grocery store, but it's got the basics. Best Buy, Home Depot, Dick's Sporting Goods, several book stores, Old Navy and other clothing stores. You name it, it's all pretty close. The population is just as diverse, with HUD Section 8 housing, $250,000 homes and $850/Month apartments directly adjacent to all of this.

The main thing that took me by surprise is SPIN Neapolitan Pizza's plot, which is still under construction. They installed a TON of bicycle parking. Easily 20 bike's worth. And then, their whole outdoor patio is fenced in with modified wave racks. that you couldn't really park a bike on (due to shrubbery and the modifications made) but it's still cool looking. As much as I hate wave racks, they're better than having nowhere to park. Plus, they actually made the racks usable instead of mounting them 5 inches away from a concrete wall.

I have a feeling these racks will be used by patrons of all the little shops in this new development. This includes a Tae Kwon Do Gymnasium, mexican restaurant, and a few yet-to-be-occupied sites. They appear to be the only bicycle racks around.

This morning, I rode through the balmy headwind to church, and somehow got a headwind on my way home, too. Temperatures were already in the 80s when I got out the door this morning. Combined with 75% RH, it was a sticky and sweaty ride to church, and even worse on my way home.

I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring. We're supposed to have storms all night long. If there's thunder and lightning at 5:00, I probably will take the bus. Otherwise, the convoy's still on, wet or dry.


Anonymous said...

I must be in the wrong part of the country. The 250,000 houses and 850 per month apartments are considered the cheap deals around here.

Noah said...

They're considered middle-class out here, and perhaps the upper portion thereof.

You can find $2,000/Month Apartments and townhomes for rent around here. And you can also find plenty of $5M homes.

BUT, this area has a mix of upper-middle-class WITH some of the poorest people in the county, all close together.

Josh Mitchell said...


That place is huge-looking, isn't it? You know Spin, Overland Park sponsors a "pizza ride"?

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