Monday, June 30, 2008

Lunch and the Monday Recovery Ride

Snagged some lunch and took some pics. It's amazing how many bikes are around downtown. Here are the ones in my work garage today:

A fountain outside of Black Coffee

A NEXT bike and an e-GO electric scooter.

Then, at the Monday ride, we had a helper! IIRC, his name is Felix. What a champ. Dad kept telling him to ease up on the pedals. This kid's a masher.

Dad was piloting this unique but awesome folding road bike from Slingshot.

Group ride.

Merriam is ready to rock for Independence Day.

After the ride, I hammered it to Cinzetti's to meet my wife for Supper. Moar carb load plz!

Saw this bizarre sculpture at The New Theatre.

From another angle, this guy is staring at me. Creepy.


Sairen said...

Hey, where and when does your Monday ride start? I usually do the one leaving from the Trek store, but my mom's starting to ride and we're looking for something further south...

Noah said...

This ride leaves from Tienda Casa Paloma at 82nd and Metcalf. 6:30 Sharp. We meet back there to enjoy ourselves to the point where we talk about eating beer and drinking tacos. Or something.

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