Thursday, June 19, 2008


I was already having an off morning. Things just aren't going right today. Long story short, the commute that I often use to clear my mind and ease my frustrations provided me with yet another reason to be crabby. Yesterday, I dwelled with grandiose verbosity on the way my commutes are seldom boring. Today was no exception, however what little diversion it offered was not what I'd call fun. It was the single most common cycle commuting woe: A shard of glass had infiltrated my inner tube.

I was back on the road in a mere 5 minutes, using Park Tool glueless patches to perform an in-situ repair without even removing the wheel or unseating more than a small area of the tire bead.

If you're the praying type, pray for my wisdom, sanity and focus. Pray for my wife's health. If you're not, just think happy thoughts. Because I'm seriously about to lose my mind. This morning's commute did little to placate my angst.

Random Tunage:
Steve Porter - Drama Queen
Nine Inch Nails - Closer


Anonymous said...

I'm the praying type. I'll pray for you and your wife today.



Tom said...

Hope all works out. My prayers are with you

Sirrus Rider said...

You and your wife are in my prayer Noah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Noah,

When it comes to either your mental health or your wife's health it might be worth considering that we're not looking for a cure but something be "made well". May I suggest another look at Luke 17:11-19 (NIV).

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