Friday, June 20, 2008

Hi, Dave!

I got the Dave wave (or was that the commute salute?) on 79th street. He was on his way home. Me? I passed by home, went to a sporting goods store to pick up a new pair of bike shorts (much needed) and CO2 Carts ($.48 each instead of $3.75 each at the LBS)

Then to Best Buy for more rechargeables before grabbing some food on my way home. I'm a bit more than 33 miles deep in today's stygian mile-fest of doom.

Surprisingly, I feel quite fresh and ready to rock. Chris and Dave are rolling through my apartment complex on the way to the June Full Moon Ride. We'll convoy out there, ride around a bit and head on back.

I'm cleaning up, recharging batteries, eating, and replenishing my seat wedge pack (flat kit). Can't wait to ride around in the dark some more. The sun is coming up pretty early, so it's been a few months since I needed to use headlights TO SEE WITH.

Off topic. My computer kept doing this all day after a graphics driver upgrade:

If you can't tell, the image is rotated 90 degrees. I spent a good chunk of my day fixing it. I hate Windows.


Sirrus Rider said...

That's okay. Windows hate you too. That's why it decided to display things "Chinese Style" [Teasing]

Tacticus said...

Windows hates everyone

Then again if you have an intel video card i think it is ctrl + alt + an arrow key to change the orientation

Dan said...

You could just stand the monitor on its side. :-)

Noah said...

Tacticus: Oh, I know about ctl-alt-arrow. Now, imagine having to do that every time the screen saver kicks in, and then being greeted by 800x600 resolution on that nice 22" Wide screen after fixing the screen orientation, so having to go back into the desktop properties to fix the res. Every. Single. Time. UGH!

Dan: That's actually what I did for a while. The Dell widescreens pivot, and around here, some groups buy TWO widescreens for their employees and they end up running them side by side in portrait mode. I just get a crappy 15" CRT for my SunRay and one widescreen.

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