Friday, June 27, 2008

200k - here I come!

Jeff tagged me on GTalk today, he's back in town from helping a friend move halfway across the country, so we snagged some lunch at Antonio's Pizza in the City Market area. Definitely not worth a repeat. Not the worst I've had, but there are far better pies in KC for the price.

I just got home a bit ago. I decided to save my legs for the 200k and took it easy. A gnarly headwind would have worn me out this afternoon, so I also took the bus home. This was pretty hard because aside from the wind, it's a really nice day!

It looks like we'll have to contend with rain for a portion of the 200k tomorrow. Fortunately, I really don't mind getting wet if the temperature cooperates. I've got most of my stuff together for the ride. Now, I just need to get some sleep and be up at 2:00 to be out of here by 2:30.

Look for a ride report and hopefully some great pics in the next few days. I'll probably be too wiped out to write about it Saturday. Maybe Sunday or Monday.

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