Friday, May 16, 2008

KC Bike Week 2008 Day 5: Lunch with Chris

JR told me he could fix up Hybridzilla while I got some lunch. I swung by his shop and watched him go to town. He installed some new RapidFire shifters and also turned my 21 speed Hybridzilla into a 24 speed. I was already running an 8-speed cassette on it, but the old shifters were only 7-speed. The 8-speed rapidfires work pretty well but I'll need to adjust them a bit.

JR Also lent me a bike. I chose the folding Land Rover bike. I don't know how ye-olde this relic is, but it behaved pretty well, although the rear fender was loose and rattling in the seat stays.

Chris' Touring bike locked up with the Folder.

Mmmm. Chef Burger.

We were joined by a fendered, racked, and front-loaded cyclocross bike. I didn't see the rider, but the bike was gone when we left.

This is the wind-powered clock tower in the Power & Light District.

This is a meal. A good meal.

Obligitory Panda Portrait of me on the Folder.

Random Tunage:
Tri Bowl Nuts - Trapped
Barenaked Ladies - One Week

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