Tuesday, May 13, 2008

KC Bike Week 2008 Day 2: Bike Commuters!

More than a dozen bike commuters were counted today.

Ask anyone who is paying attention to cyclists in Johnson County, KS. Racks with stuff bungeed down, big backpacks and panniers are not terribly common around these parts. Closer to downtown? That's a different story. Just tooling around JoCo, however, the cyclists were out in droves. Much like my convoy denizens, they came in all flavors. I saw plain clothes riders with bungee-attached loads and seatpost-racks on barely-ridden discount store mountain bikes. I got passed by fixie riders in team kits. I saw recumbent riders with oddly-rigged cargo hauling solutions in place. And there was no shortage of all kinds of road bike riders carrying stuff around, including one gram-counting racer carrying his work gadgets in one of those makeshift nylon-bag-and-cord "backpacks" you get from vendors at trade shows.

This is to say nothing of the usual fare of wanna-be-fast riders that were carrying nothing but could still possibly be commuting by bike.

I was flagging by mid-morning, and kicked things off with a huge Red Bull.

Deb Ridgway gave away these cool pouches made of recycled inner tubes last night.

I can has sinkhole? Good lord, this thing could swallow a Yugo!

Messing around up on the train bridge over SW Blvd. This place makes tasty, delectable beer. In fact, I'm drinking one as I post this.

More camera goofiness.

Sorry, didn't get any other pictures. There was a lot of wind, and I really just wanted to get home. Sadly, I had some driving to do once I got home, and from within my steel and glass cage, I saw most of the aforementioned cyclists.

Random Tunage:
Gravity Kills - Guilty
Orbital - Desert Storm


Anonymous said...

So Noah, do you use Red Bull Jet Fuel to work fast or ride fast! Just wondering.

Noah said...

I use it to snap me out of the work-induced coma.

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