Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I have to go to the data center tomorrow morning. I already have a route picked out.

We're racing our pinewood derby cars. I spent a while with some of my cow-orkers doing final assembly.

This is one of our three cars. It adheres to all the BSA specifications, too. It's supposed to be the pacer from Wayne's World.

I took this over lunch. Yes, it's manipulated. I recently installed the CHDK Firmware Hack on my Canon PowerShot A530. This was originally shot in RAW. I'm loving the flexibility and clarity you get with RAW format. I also like the fine-tuning and on-camera scripting ability that the CHDK Allbest package affords the user.

More springtime evidence from the homeward. I racked up about 30 miles today.

We'll see how the weather holds up overnight. If it's nice enough, I'm riding the route to the data center. Otherwise, I need to use three different buses to get out there. I'm not looking forward to that.

Oh yeah. Not that it matters to anyone that reads, but I got my promotion today, after 1 year and exactly 4 months. I guess my commute isn't going to change any time soon. On a side note, I've never ever held the same position more than 2 years since I started working. I either get a promotion, quit, or get laid off before the two year point. At the college, I had 4 different titles over the course of eight years.


Anonymous said...

The pics look good. I don't build pinewood derby cars but have built plastic scale models for over 15 years. I model WWII airplanes mostly.

Congrats on the promotion.

Apertome said...

I hadn't heard of that firmware hack, pretty interesting. I shoot RAW on my DSLR all the time, and it is awesome the things you can do that way. It's practically necessary for the infrared shots, too.

Congrats on your promotion!

amidnightrider said...

Nice that you won't have to use all your promotion money for gasoline. Beer and chocolate cake is a much better way to spend our windfalls.

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