Monday, May 19, 2008

Busy Sunday

I rode to church Sunday morning, and encouraged others to do the same. We usually meet in a high school auditorium, but graduation was yesterday and the school was unavailable. Occasionally, we can't use the school for other reasons. This happens a few times per year. Instead, we end up going to our community center. It's not big enough for all of us, but we just meet outdoors (weather permitting). This was a beautiful day for church outdoors, not to mention the ride there (11 miles)

Assistant Pastor Kurt and his wife Emily roll up on their bikes.

Abbey (pastor Kevin's daughter) rolls up. They live just across the street.

Whee! Bikes! (a few more are parked elsewhere)

About as laid back as you can be and still calling it worship. I love this church, the people that make it, and all the stuff that goes along with it. I won't bore you with doctrine, though.

Pastor Kevin will use any excuse to inflate the slide for the kids. They love it.

Mike cooks pancakes. Also in the brunch spread: Bagles, parfait, pudding (???) and juices.

After church, I had about a 15 mile ride to my birthday party at Antioch Park. I took about 1/2 the trip on the road, and in the middle of the trip, I used Indian Creek Trail (Warren's Fave)

Sneaking up on some walkers. Cue the "Jaws" theme.

Kids at the sandlot. Hardly a cloud in the sky yesterday. Just airliner contrails.

Maybe I took a little Singletrack with The Twelve. Contrary to belief, road bikes can go off road. Just gotta be careful. It's fun, though.

The freshly opened section of Indian Creek Trail that has Warren all excited. It was nice not having to use the blighted walking path through Corporate Woods.

Some family members at the shelter at Antioch Park.

... Mating Crickets??? Not sure what was up with this, but they were clinging upside down to the ceiling of the shelter.

After the party, my wife and I went fishing at Shawnee Mission Park.

The geese were flocking. Sheesh.

They swam right through where we were fishing. Notice the red bobber halfway up and a bit left of center in the photo. Somehow they avoided tangling in the fishing line.

FAIL! This guy spent about 5 minutes trying to cram this overloaded bag into this trash bin. Eventually he gave up and just put the lid on top of this bag.

How to have fun at the lake!

Let's see, you can toke on a hookah... ???

Or kick a ball around... These little heathens kicked the ball into the lake. Their dad (the one who's toking above) and the kids were both too chicken to go get the ball. I took a swim and rescued it. I bruised my feet up pretty badly on the rocks while getting out of the lake, though.

Go Kayaking...

Or just go fishing. Hi, Hunni.

This is the only fish we saw. He was too tiny and still refused to take our bait.

This was my sister's B-Day present to me. Those are full of beer. Lots of beer.

The ride in was nice this morning with the exception of my bruised and tattered feet. Chris and Karen joined in for yet another convoy.

Tomorrow is my Friday. I'm on vacation off and on for the next 2 weeks. I've been blogging and photographing like mad here, especially in the face of Bike Week. I'm going to be scarce but not completely absent for the next 2 weeks. For the time being, check out Dave's Good Stuff, as he bike commutes during the week and packs on the weekend training miles. What initially started as a brotherly challenge training for the Triple By-Pass turned into a lifestyle change and a heck of a good read that's mostly cycling related but always interesting and frequently updated. No pressure, Dave!

Random Tunage:
Chicane - Offshore
Hybrid - True To Form


Apertome said...

Well, happy birthday! It sounds like a full (but fun) day.

About riding road bikes off the road: I can't say I've done so on singletrack, but I've found my road bike does a lot better on gravel than I expected. And the extra challenge of trying to stay upright with skinny tires will keep you on your toes!

Daniel Siegel said...

I rode Indian Trail yesterday from 435 and antioch to where it ends in olathe, then back. It's a nice scenic ride. Looks like you had a good birthday.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that cricket is sheading it skin as it grows/grows wings. Science class what can I say.

Lazy Lowrydr

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