Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bicycle Friendly Community Meeting

See the other photos I took at the BFC presentation

My wife and I had some fun today, including playing a round of mini-golf, in which she successfully beat the challenge at the end for a free game. The challenge involved putting the ball up a steep slope along a 3" wide plank and into a cup. Make the shot, get a card for a free game next time. Color me impressed.

Later and on a more serious and cycling related note, I rode to the reception for the Bicycle Friendly Communities seminar going on this week in Shawnee, KS. There was a pretty good showing. I got to meet more people (hi, folks!) and catch up with some old pals I've met before but haven't seen in a long time (Ray, Badger, and others). I rode back home with Ray, who had a bit of a journey left ahead of him to get back to Olathe. He's the one I see on 87th turning to Santa Fe Trail drive quite often.

Not a lot of miles ridden today, but that's why they call this a vacation, isn't it?

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