Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Chilly ride home



I hate working with mainframes. Can someone hand me an abacus?!

Let me guess, the blue fountain has nothing to do with KU's Win last night?

The Twelve likes to pretend she can go 70 on the highway.

You've Got Mail.

My Axe, slightly processed ;)

Random Tunage:
Garbage - Stupid Girl
Duran Duran - Ordinary World


Noah said...

Eric Informs me that ALL of the fountains are running blue. Ostensibly, this is showing team spirit for The KC Royals. Actually, the city just uses a fountain cleaner chemical every year and chose one that's blue.

Dan said...

No way! You're a bass player too? Here's my Travis Bean


Noah said...

I'm not very good yet, but guilty as charged. That's a nice looking bass!

Unknown said...


Frogman said...

Dude, "In Bead" is the best, ever. We still laugh about the one Megan once got: Be on your guard. And your response sealed it as awesome: Who's your guard?

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