Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bringing home bike parts... on a bike!

Stormy, stormy weather this afternoon. I am still drenched.

I went to check out JR's shop. Here are our (soaked) bikes in a freight elevator as we ride up to the place where the bikes are.

I picked up some wheels from him, here's one of his bike closets. It's hard to believe how much stuff he's got, I couldn't even begin to capture it all, and this was just one of the rooms.

Here's how I ended up carting the wheels home. These are some low-end double-wall Weinmann wheels. Nothing fancy but better than the original crap that came on The Goat. I'll swap knobby tires onto these wheels, as they'll be used mostly for singletrack/cross country duty.

It was so ghetto, but it worked just fine.

Random Tunage:
God Lives Underwater - Rearrange
Moonman (a.k.a. Ferry Corsten) - Galaxia

Galaxia is such a spine-tingler. Although it's probably a decade old, this song stands on a very short list of my favorites of all time.


Anonymous said...

Those will look and surly give ya a better ride!be sure to post some pics of the Goat,iam sure u got some smiles with that set up on your way home.

Noah said...

Oh yeah. I got some pretty strange looks. Closer to downtown, people probably thought I was homeless. Several homeless in downtown carry all of their possessions on their bikes. As such, you'll see Huffy and Roadmaster bikes with front and rear panniers just loaded to overflowing like this.

amidnightrider said...

Now that your learning the technique for carrying cargo, I'm expecting photos of your bike carrying a 10 foot high load of hay.

And a goat.

Frogman said...

I know where to get the hay, and probably the goat too...

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda new to your blog, but where's JR's shop? That place looks like a great place to hunt down parts! If you'd be willing to share, I'd love to know.

Noah said...

JR's shop is at a private location, he doesn't have a store front. If you email me your phone number using the contact form on the right side of my page, I can put him into contact with JR and I'm sure he'd be more than willing to help you find the parts you need if he has them.

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