Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Recap

Commute Miles: 219
Errand Miles: 87
Recreation Miles: 23
Driving Days: 0
Full Bike-Only Commutes: 2
One-way bike-only commutes: 6
Bus-assisted commutes: 17

April: 329 Miles
2008: 993 miles

I decided it was time to fix my Trek 1200 myself today. Over lunch, I went to the City Market. This part of town is steeped in history. Near a river and railway port, merchants have been peddling their wares here for ages. These days, it's an urban hot-spot near lofts, with lots of shops and dining establishments. On the weekend, farmers come in and take it by storm. This is a great Farmer's Market.

Nearby, lots of old building are still in use.

I swung by River Market Cyclery to pick up some tools. I also found what I'm sure will be my next set of panniers, but I'll need to save up for them.

The Steamboat Arabia museum in the City Market. This gem of history doesn't get much acclaim what with the Liberty Memorial WWI Museum, Nelson Atkins Museum of Art and various other attractions in KC. Do yourself a favor and pay this place a visit if you get a chance.

Chinese. Nom Nom Nom.

Framed by classical midwest architecture, the Federal Court House looks sleek, shiny and modern... and completely out of place.

More Spring.

I saw the Bike There/Walk There bus. Eric Captured the other side.

After I got home, it was time to dig into my spoke woes with my new tools. Looking at it (and some other spokes) it appears that my panniers have managed to sneak into my spokes a few times too many. Not sure any wheel would survive that. I have a plan, though.

I'm re-building the PVC tubes that used to hold my panniers out of the spokes. It looks like the Axiom ones I want won't be so bad, if I go for it.

Random Tunage:
Madonna - Frozen
808 State - In Yer Face

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