Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Quintumvirate of bicycle commuters

Okay, so I made that word up. But if triumvirate is a word, quintumvirate is fair game, darnit.

For some reason, there was an epic turnout of (as you may have guessed) five bicycle commuters for coffee this morning. Yes, we five hardy torch-bearers of the bicycling lifestyle descended upon the Downtown Loop, holding a round-table discussion of all the most important topics. You know, the real issues at hand: digestive problems, The Grateful Dead, slow group rides, dangerous group rides, Trek's Go By Bike challenge (winners announced today, I think!), broken bicycles and that sort of thing. Hey, we had to talk some bicycle shop.

Joining the usual crowd (Lorin, JR and myself) were Andrew and Bob. We were just talking about Bob yesterday, wondering if he had fallen off the face of the Earth. It appears he has not. We're all glad, but his bike is broken down, joining The Twelve in the sick bay.

It's foggy, cool, and still somewhat misty today. Temperatures were nice in the mid 40s, so I wore my work sweater over a t-shirt and rode in that way. I still don't like tearing up my good slacks, so I just changed pants when I got to work.

Indeed, this was a good morning, as most are, for a bike commute.

Random Tunage:
Vengaboys - Up and Down
The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar (you have to see This Video. It's really well executed, and quite trippy)

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