Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Old Logo is back, Winter Recap

I switched to my Winter Logo on December 12. It's now March 12. I changed the logo back yesterday. Even though they're predicting snow this weekend, We're in spring now and 3 months is a nice round number.

Over winter:
I rode 56 of 57 work days.
I took The Dreaded Bus one day that I was sick (I should have stayed home) and didn't use my bike that day.
I rode a total of 7 one-way bus-free trips over winter.
I missed one day of work (took one real sick day)
I rode a total of 478 miles.
I drove to work 0 times during normal work hours.
The coldest temperature I rode in this winter was 1°F on January 24th.


Anonymous said...

Good stats!

Greetings from St Louis. I am a regular bike commuter, but I'm afraid I drove my car to work a few times this winter. However I never drove it on account of the weather; I only drive when there's something I have to do before or after work that requires a car in some way, like picking up 80lbs of dog food at the pet store. I average about 240 miles per month of commuting. My dry-weather bike is a mid-80's vintage Fuji 10-speed with a Brooks saddle; my wet-and-snow bike is a '70s or early '80s Motobecane Nomade 10-speed with fenders.

People think I'm odd when I ride to work in 8-10 inches of snow, but to me it's about the most fun you can have outdoors in St Loser. People pay $$ to fly to Colorado and ski, but the effect is about the same as riding around Forest Park in the snow.

Nice blog.

Noah said...

I agree that snow biking can be fun, and it was the first few times. I'm definitely ready for spring now.

I had to drive a lot this winter, but I'm lucky that the way the bus schedule and bus stops are set up that it lends itself well to multi-modal commuting. I can get anywhere I need to go in practically any weather between using my bike and the bus.

Thanks for the comment!

Chuong Doan said...

You gonna hit the Localcycling hammerfest tonight?

Noah said...

I'm definitely not ready for that ride yet, but thanks for the invite. I think I'll stick to the other ride. the Monday one. The turtle paced one.

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