Sunday, March 23, 2008

Long Easter weak-end recap

Daily, many people throw their bikes into or onto their vehicles, then drive off somewhere to go for a ride. This weekend, I saddled up to ride to my car so I could bring it home from the hospital. I'd left it there when I went to meet my wife at there (remember, pneumonia?) and I was getting scared thinking what woes might befall my poor little Focus should I leave it there one more night. I think it sat there at the hospital for three days. I've just been busy, and haven't needed my car. The parking is long term, so no one would care if it sat there for a week, but thieves of opportunity might see something they like.

Anyhow, my bike didn't mind the 35+ MPH flogging on Quivira in peak-traffic hours on Saturday. In fact, I almost suspect it enjoyed the spirited 3-mile jaunt. What The Twelve did NOT approve of was being crammed into the back of a Focus. Sure, maybe if the ride in the Focus was off to some smoothly-paved cycling utopia where upon I'd ride hundreds of miles in a sitting, Twelve could forgive me. Instead, I was using -- no, ABusing my bike to rescue some abandoned car. The mere thought!

A few other grocery and food runs this weekend. Not much to get excited about, but 32 miles for the long weekend isn't too bad considering the fact that I didn't have to ride to work.

The morning air is going to be pretty chilly (relatively speaking), and tomorrow afternoon is going to be a windfest. I'll be doing the bike/bus thing, but time permititng I should be at the Recovery Ride.

1 comment:

Sirrus Rider said...

I have you beat on millage for the weekend. 62 Miles.. Did the RAM Challenge in Katy.

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