Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Great afternoon!

Photo: Lots of standing water on the way home. No big deal. Click for album.

I had to drop some stuff off at the doctors' office before 5:00, which meant I needed to get home with The QuicknessTM. 3:00 hit and I was the hell out of the office. Sun occasionally prying through the overcast skies kept things near 50°F, and an ever-so-slight nudge was given to me out of the north. The 14 mile ride home was blissful. Big storms cells are brewing south of here but never quite made it up to my neck of the woods today. The only moisture I had to contend with was under me. Nothing more than a fine spray ever hit my shoes. I'm very pleased. I've also amassed about 20 miles on these fenders now, and not once have my toes hit the fenders nor have I heard any noise from them. I've strapped the bike to the bus a few times as well, so the fenders don't keep me from using the bus in a pinch, either.

You can check out my first impression of the SKS Fenders on CBB.


Chris said...

Personally, I LIKE the looks of those fenders on the 12; I think the black color gives the added stealth look. Although I don't ride a bike WITHOUT fenders so who am I to judge. ;)

Apertome said...

I'm glad they're working out well for you. I sure was glad to have my fenders today!

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