Monday, March 03, 2008

A fun little Monday night spin

I took the Antioch route home for a whopping total of 3.3 miles this evening in the sub-freezing temperatures. It's hard to believe that just yesterday we were a few degrees away from swimming weather.

The last 2 Monday night rides have been a bit of a wash as far as riding is concerned. Hecktic schedules end up taking the blame, but I know that if the temperatures had been more optimal, there would have been some riding going on the past 2 weeks.

Today, I waited at the meet-up point for about 15 minutes. 6:30 came and went and I was ready to just pack it up, when Mark & Theresa rolled up in winter 'cross kit and bikes in the back of their Pathfinder.

I'll be honest. With blustery, arctic wind straight out of the North, I wasn't going to get too torn up if there was no ride tonight, but it ended up being a lot of fun. We had about 6 miles of road under us, and about a mile worth of what I can only describe as peoples' back yards. We rode on the crunchy, ice-covered mud ruts left behind by service trucks along a grassy corridor that high-voltage power lines use to cut through residential neighborhoods. It was really messy, and it was a blast. I had The Goat out, while Mark & Theresa used cyclocross bikes. All of them held up to the torture just fine but my Twelve would have gotten stuck.

Anyhow, yet another famous "Mark Thomas Special Stage"

I washed the experience down with a beer, chips and salsa when we got back.

1 comment:

amidnightrider said...

The last part or your post, the one about the beer is my favorite.
We went out for a ride specifically to get something at a place called Elizabeths City Grill.

You know the outcome.

Closed every Monday.

Dirty Bastards.

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