Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do I smell mexican food?!

I have to get to the Bike Week meeting really quick, and then I guess I must pillage yet another front wheel from my big closet of parts, so I'll have more details for you later. I'll just say a ****ing moron in a Camry was involved. Anyone have some nice 26" XC rim brake wheels laying around?


Sirrus Rider said...

Hope you dented and scratched the hell out of that Camry so the driver will be more wary of cyclists in the future..

Hope you and your bike are okay

dvicci said...

Ouch. I, too, hope you returned the favor and left your mark with them as well. I'm curious to know what happened and where.

Apertome said...

Oh man! It's not fair, posting a teaser like that. I hope you're OK, and that nobody else was hurt, either. Looking forward to the story ...

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