Monday, February 04, 2008


This weekend seemed busy as hell; hence the quondam quiescence of this little corner of The Blogosphere. Reminiscing, however, I am having trouble drudging up all of the events. Maybe jotting about them will bring it back.

Let's see, I remember taking the A Express to get home on Friday, really hammering it through the side roads to get home. I had to pick up a friend who had to leave his Ford Focus at a shop over the weekend. Then we went to The Maul for our usual First-Friday meeting. A few of us talked about the possibilities of doing a monthly podcast. We ate Thai food. We parted ways.

I was literally up all Friday night hashing out a bunch of details for some other projects I'm working on -- writing for various blogs, working on some musical stuff, etc. I made a bike run to pick up lunch on Saturday for my wife and I. Then I had to go back there a second time because they messed up our order. Both trips combined added up to a whopping one mile.

Yesterday brought with it one of the strangest winter storms I've ever seen. Lightning, Thunder and Hail. That was it for about half an hour. No rain. Then it started sleeting, then more hail. The little town my parents live in got dumped on pretty hard. Without looking closely, it appeared to have snowed. Up close, you can see it was hail. Small, mostly harmless hail, but hail all the same.

Then there's today. I need to go to a shopping center out in Kansas City, Kansas to pick up some furniture. My Explorer isn't big enough to load it up, so Jon will probably help me get everything (including my bike) home. I loaded the Twelve up with panniers and a huge 15'x30' tarp in case I need to cover up my new furniture purchase as it might rain this evening. The tarp's not blue, though, so I'm definitely not a Mainer. On a side-note, I do think there are some Mainers transplanted to my parents' neighborhood, as there is an absolutely ginormous boat and trailer covered with what appears to be no less than 500 square feet of blue tarp made of several smaller (but huge in their own right) blue tarps held together with silver duct tape. I'll get pictures for the Crumudgeonator soon. I wasn't thinking about it when I passed by yesterday.

There were FOUR. Count them -- FOUR bicycle commuters at the coffee shop this morning. Joining myself, Lorin and JR was a guy on a Giant Rincon. He didn't precisely join us. He just showed up and had his coffee. But there were a bunch of bikes parked out there this morning. And why not? At nearly 50 degrees and humidity that made the fog look more like mist and the pavement sweat, this is hardly an early February morning to scoff at.

Random Tunage:
Regina Spektor - Fidelity
Bloc Party - I Still Remember

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MRMacrum said...

I would be proud to add photos of the boat to my blue tarp picture collection.

On the way to the dump today, I noticed the snow had melted enough to offer up a couple of previously unnoticed blue lumps at the back of Bert's property. I will have to take my camera next trip.

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