Thursday, January 24, 2008

You can count the degree...

... on one finger!

This is officially the second coldest day I've ever ridden my bike. The coldest was a commute to the bus in 2007 at -3°F. Today it's 1°F. I actually wore the same gear I had on for yesterday's 12 degree morning, just cranked up the effort a bit. With the exception of my big, fluffy ski gloves starting to fail my two outer fingers on both hands, I was doing just fine. Keep in mind that this is only a bit more than 2 miles to the bus stop. I would have needed something extra on my hands if I were to ride much more than 4 miles in this. Glove liners inside or plastic bags outside the glove to block the wind, maybe.

Bike America is officially bad-ass. I took The Goat out there last night to get the wheel trued up and the wrench on duty went bananas on my bike. I guess my rear cone bearings and my headset were a bit out of adjustment. The chain was shot (no surprise there) and a bunch of other little details got fixed up. As usual, they rock. Occasionally it takes them a while to get a part in, so there are always some locals bewailing their service. They get swamped in the summer time, too, but they do their best.

After all that, The Goat is running smooth and quick. Less of a mountain goat and more of a mountain lion, perhaps. I stiffened the tires up to 65 PSI (max recommended) last night which also helped a bit this morning, I'm sure. At this point, the ice on the ground is in little patches and it's mostly dry pavement covered in sand, salt and frozen grime. Nothing my road bike couldn't handle but I like to be prepared for the freak blizzards that KC seems to be famous for these days.

Part of me is seriously ready for spring. Another part of me wants to see a few more really cold mornings in hopes that I can best my previous cold weather record. Let the acrid missives from my fellow KC denizens ensue!

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Ray Craighead said...

Good morning Noah. It was cold out there alright. I rode in to Westport, but my fingers and toes suffered. I ware lobster mittens w/liners, but I definitely need more insulation for colder days.

Unknown said...

It was 8F on my 2 mile ride to work this morning. I could have maybe used one more layer on top. Other than that, I was fine except for my fingertips and thumb and my toes.

I think if I was going to ride much further in this weather I'd like to get some "handlebar gloves" like I've seen on some other cold weather biking websites.

Here's an example:

It looks like they might actually be made for snowmobiles.

Also, any chance you can send me a copy of your bike mileage log. I'd like to use it to track my mileage this year.

matt m said...

and i thought my night-ride in 27-degree weather was tough...

keep up the mileage!

The New Me said...

I got your acrid missive right here Noah. One degree was cold enough thank you. Lower than that I really don't need. I tried to ride to work this morning, not gonna work for a while yet.

Maybe is it's 35 or higher this weekend I can make it farther than three blocks before giving up.

Anonymous said...

Rode in this morning with 24f and calm winds. There was a light snowfall as I rode in. I was expecting the howling snowfall we had on Tuesday. But I lucked out. I like riding in the snow like that in the morning. Its peaceful and serene. I kept the road tires on because I knew the snowfall would be light. I stopped at the BP as usual to pick up a newspaper, and some lady commented to me how she sees me every morning and thought it was "amazing" how I ride everyday, particularly in this cold weather. I said "Thanks". Riding home the temps dropped to 19f. It felt nice and cool. It's all in the gear. Had the wind at my back.
I might have to put the snowpants on tom'rw morning. Talking about 7f in the morning. If so, that will set a new personal record for me. At this point I'm pushing 400 miles so far. ScottNorthSide (,Ohio

Chuong Doan said...

Dude are you guys wearing ski goggles or what? Crap my eyes about froze shut the other day.

Noah said...

In fact, I do wear ski goggles when it's this cold!

Anonymous said...

I wear Visorgogs. Do a google and check them out. They're cheap and they work! ScottNorthSide.

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