Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Some parting photos from 2007

I got hosed by the bus system last night. They were running limited bus service, which meant my usual bus wasn't running on its usual schedule. I ended up having to lounge around for an hour, so made some good use of my time taking more pics of the final hours of Kansas City's daylight in 2007.

We had some friends over last night, so I had a lot of last-minute work to get done. After the smoke cleared and people went home, I didn't feel like posting while slightly intoxicated.
So here you are.

Here's the Western Auto building that was in the reflection of Union Station in my last photoset:

A full shot of the front of Union Station. You can see my bike in the lower part of the photo, on the left side.

Westin Crown Center from a different angle

And from the other side

People skating at the Ice Terrace

Some goofy shots of my bike with Crown Center in the background. Tilting intentional.

2555 Grand, the "Shook, Hardy & Bacon" law firm building.

Not sure what this sculpture/structure is called, but it frames Liberty Memorial quite nicely.

"The Link" skywalk. This was pretty much a goof-off photo. I tested my camera's zooming functionality on the display screen that's inside the walkway and then took this photo zoomed all the way out. I liked it for the skyline underneath, though.

Finally, closer to home, there was a train going under the Quivira pedestrian bridge, so I took a long exposure. You can't see the train but for a blur, but you can see the ghostly appearance of the stuff behind the train. I thought it was an interesting photo to share.

1 comment:

Warren T said...

Years ago I told my wife that the sculpture was named "Fishing Poles in Trunk."

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