Monday, January 07, 2008

Riding in shorts in January...

... and sweating my ass off!

This morning, Temps were right at 60. I was wearing my chamois, MTB shorts and UnderArmour running shirt. I also wear some ear cover below 60, so I had my headband on but didn't really need it. I was plenty warm.

I wore the same thing this afternoon minus the head band. A little bit of sunshine burned off most of the road moisture, and I decided to ride all the way home. With temps clearly in the upper 60's, it was an amazing ride. It dropped about 10 degrees in the last 5 miles of my trip, into the upper 50s.

I switched to long pants and a long-sleeve shirt, then rode to the Monday night ride. I put in 10 miles there, then ran some errands afterwards and came home.

It's amazing how smooth and responsive a road bike feels after about 2 months on a mountain bike. Sadly, it will have no place on the road tomorrow, so I'm swapping bikes out again. I promised myself that I'd stick to the Sorrento this winter, and today was a good day to break that promise. I'm not pushing my luck, though. Rain and snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.

Today: 33.7 miles
January: 61.3 miles

Random Tunage:
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy
Nine Inch Nails - God Given

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