Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Poll: What kind of bikes do you own?

I know there are probably 30 or more different classifications for bicycles, so I don't want people to tell me I left fixed gears out, or recumbents, or highwheel penny-farthings, BMXs or...

Most fixies are by definition road bikes, unless you're masochistic enough to go singletracking on a fixie. Most cyclocross bikes are also by definition road bikes, too.

Post in the comments, I have anonymous posting enabled, so there's no signing up for any accounts needed. Show us what you've got!

As usual, to take the poll, you have to visit my site if you're going through RSS. The poll will be in the upper right-hand corner.

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Results are in:


Apertome said...

I'm classifying my old mountain bike as a hybrid because I have converted into a commuter and foul weather road bike.

Noah said...

As well you should. My Diamondback Outlook started life as a rigid-frame mountain bike, but with less than $100 worth of work it's a quick flat-bar bike with smooth tires and an upright-ish seating position. It's at home on the pavement but will handle grass and dirt just fine. It would suck for real mountain bike trails, though. I call it a hybrid as well.

Jennifer said...

My Other bike is a folding Breezer. I've been wondering for months how to classify it.

Noah said...

I'd say it's a Folding bicycle, right along with the Giant Halfway, Bike Friday's offerings and most of Dahon's bikes for example.

Sirrus Rider said...

Okay.. Here is my stable

1988 Specialized Sirrus Road Racing Bike. The racing Grandaddy of the current Sirrus hybrid.

1989 Alpine Monitor Pass Mountain Bike (Hybridized) for commuting duty

1970ish Raleigh (Improved)Twenty [Green] A short distance utility bike.

1970ish Raleigh Twenty/Folder [Brown] "Hangar Queen" Awaiting parts, funds, and time for Resto-improvement.

2007 Schwinn Town & Country Trike The Grocery getter. The weekend commuter and human powered PC Repair vehicle.

Jon said...

One of My "Other" bikes is a Penny Farthing, actually, and the other is a fixed gear Formula One bike.

dvicci said...

I've got three right now... a very well maintained 1991 Giant Perigee, a well ridden, but shapely 1993 Kona Fire Mountain, and a gorgeous 2004 Torelli.

The Giant is hitting Craig's List soon. The Kona is still a MTB, but tricked out for commuting in every way but the knobbies. The Torelli is my pride and joy with one component shy of full Campy Record.

Oh, and Blogroll favor returned. :)

Anonymous said...

Other: Snow bike - Surly Pugsley

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