Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Poll: How many bikes?

How many bikes in your household? Maybe there are 6 people and only 2 bikes. Maybe you're single and have 6 bikes. Heck, JR has more than 20 all by himself! Whatever the case, I want to see how many you've got.

Have an interesting story behind some of your bikes? Tell us about them in the comments.

If you don't see the poll in this post, you need to go to KC Bike Commuting to see the poll. It's in the upper right hand corner.


dvicci said...

In order of appearance:

1991 Giant Perigee
1993 Kona Fire Mountain
2003 Torelli
2004 Fuji Roubaix

All are mine but the Fuji, which is the GF's. It's at my place more often than not, so we consider Shawnee it's home.

I'll be adding another following the TBP, though... likely a newer bike to replace the Kona on daily commutes.

Noah said...

We have 4 right now:

1999 Diamondback Sorrento SE (Hartail MTB, winter beater, singletrack beast)

1998 Diamondback Outlook (Rigid MTB Hybridized with road-friendly gearing, clipless pedals and slick tires)

2006 Trek 1200 (Fair-weather commuter, long ride machine)

2007 Electra Townie 3S (Wife's bike-path and utility cruiser)

Anonymous said...

Late 1950's Russian 3-speed cruiser original pre-embargo. Found at a roadside Flea market while on a bike ride in Southern Iowa.
Early 60's English womens Rollfast Deluxe, drove 10 hours with wife and kids to save it from my sisters yardsale in Tenn. And put up with my sister for two days.
Early 70's Schwinn pivot front trike, traded off my brother-in-law to save it.
Above not ridden.
Mid 80's Fuji Royale road being rebuilt.
2001 Wick's Tri-muter tadpole trike.
80's Terry Petite (wifes)
91 Giant Allegre (daughters)
Box store front suspension MTB (other daughters, doesn't ride)

lowrydr bob

Dan said...

I'm the only bike rider in the family, but there are three bikes in the garage that aren't mine. The one with the best story is my son's Specialized. I bought it for $40 from a guy that 'liberates' abandoned bikes from University bike racks in the summer and spruces them up for resale. I figured my son would use it during that summer before the driver's license, but he never hopped on after the first test ride. I've used it a couple of times, including my snow ride.

My wife has a $400 Trek that she's ridden 4 times for a total of about 50 miles. That's $100/ride, or $8/mile.

Anonymous said...

i have:

1981 Bianchi Limited. Ridden 3,000 plus miles over the course of about nine months over winter. currently the frame is retired, awaiting possible resurrection as either a fixed-gear or a 650b road bike. no extra money for either however,

1992 Bridgestone RB-1. Replaced the bianchi. ridden as a daily commuter as well as my "weekend rider." i take it with me wherever i go, but usually it's the one taking me.

1989 Bridgestone MB-4. Purchased to take up the rainy day commute duties (the bianchi was both, but the RB-1 isn't versatile enough for bad weather). ovalized headtube due to broken headset on a long, steep off-road descent. damn.

1993 Bridgestone MB-4
Aquired to replace the '89.

steve said...

Nishiki Olympic (my road bike, restored garbage find)
Cypress Giant Hybrid (set up for touring and groceries)
Giant Iguana (my winter beater)

Norco Bush Pilot (wife's bike)

Mallmart rigid mountain bike (daughter's bike)

Child's bicycle with tricycle conversion kit (son's bike, he has cerebral palsy so can't use a regular bike).

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