Thursday, January 31, 2008

January Recap and miscellaneous stuff

Well, my "Do Not Lick Bicycle" sticker project isn't working too well. I'm currently laminating inkjet transparency film to traditional reflective tape. This is too thick to be flexible. I may need to find some company to directly print these on reflective vinyl for this to work. Oh well. To the left is a cheesy picture of my prototype. It was the 4th and best, but still wants to peel off because of the added thickness and layers.

January '08 stats ('07 in parentheses)
Work Days: 21 (21)
Bike Commutes: 21 (14)
Bus-Assisted Days: 19.5 (14)
Driving Days: 0 (7)
Commute Miles: 151.1 (124.1)
Errand Miles: 46.0 (10)
Rec. Miles: 35.1 (7.1)
Total Miles: 232.2 (141.2)

So there you have it. I almost doubled my miles for January but I have my work cut out for me. I must say that this month wasn't nearly as challenging for me as last January was, but I'm still thankful January's gone. I wouldn't mind some more light powder episodes to play in, but the novelty of snow is starting to wear off, and the really cold weather, while tolerable, is something that I merely put up with because the fun and exercise (okay, and shocking my cow-orkers) is worth it.

Random Tunage:
Nine Inch Nails - Wish
Bloc Party - I still Remember


Apertome said...

Your sticker looks awesome, even if it is attempting its escape. I was debating sticker placement this morning for mine and I like where you put yours. I think I'll have to pick up some kind of printable stickers and see if I can print one that looks decent on my lame printer. Sarah's printer might do better.

Do you know of a specific kind of printable sticker that won't peel or bleed if it gets wet? I guess I'll just have to try something, but I want it to last!

Jon said...

I use to print my stickers. He's relatively cheap (if you want a bunch) and does a great job.

I sell mine to offset the printing costs (and I'd be happy to buy some of yours, if you go this route).


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