Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Home sweet home

Happiness is a dry place to sit your bum, a fresh pair of flannel pants, a hoodie, and some big-ol fluffy wool socks.

As I peered out the windows prior to departing, I saw large snowflakes, but heavier than flurries. They turned out to be something akin to sleet with embedded snowflakes, and the ground was still soupy from a day full of light rain. There was no accumulation, just lots of road grime from below, sharp frozen precipitation jabbing me from above, and a stiff chilling breeze from the front.

Pretty much everything was soaked through when I got home. At exactly 32 degrees, this perfectly defines everything I hate all at the same time. Had it just been snow, I'd been in heaven. If ANYTHING was going to stop me from riding other than seriously dangerous weather (violent thunderstorms, baseball sized hail and Tornadoes for example), today would have been it. Alas, I rode home. I didn't take the longer route, but I did ride in it and I'm no worse for wear.

I do loves me some wooly socks and soft fuzzy clothes right now, though. Mmmmm Hmmm!

Random Tunage:
Exposé - As long as I can dream
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle


Anonymous said...

good read mate like the logo as well want to create one for me

Noah said...

I can't see your blogger profile, ergo I don't know what your blog is, care to link to it?

I don't have abundant free time, but my own logo didn't take too long, I might be able to see what I can do.

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