Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A good day

Why? Well, a number of reasons.

1) Any day on a bicycle is better than a day stuck in a car for the morning rush hour.

2) The numbers are in, and I got a favorable raise at work. Cost of living increase plus a little on top for merit. I'm not money-hungry, but this will help things.

3) I feel better than I have in a few days. I spent most of Monday evening and yesterday feeling like I was beginning to come down with something. This was probably related to spending a lot of time at the hospital with my wife, and a weakened, sleep-deprived immune system. While I never felt bad per-se, whatever was trying to beat me down, I warded off using some tricks I wrote about earlier this week. Namely, lots of vitamin C, some Echinacea tea at work, and I got about half an hour of sleep more than usual last night. I find it ironic that the malaise started creeping in hours after I wrote that article.

What else?

Ah yes. Geekery: I am attending the first-ever Kansas City BSD user's group tonight. Unfortunately, the timing and location of it will force me to drive there. If there are any UNIX-savvy geeks reading from the KC area, check out The KCBUG website for details. I'll be there sporting my OPENBSD License Plates. Yes, that's my car. Yes, I still have that on my plates, but I have the newer design with the brown buffalo now.

L Bus: Leg 1, Leg 2

Random Tunage:
The Cranberries - Zombie
POB - Boiler (Humate Remix)


Apertome said...

That license plate rocks. I've only used OpenBSD a little bit, but I enjoyed it. I'm more of a FreeBSD/Linux guy myself. I've never gone to a LUG or BSD user group meeting, although your posts about such things have me tempted to try it.

Congrats on the raise!

dvicci said...

Alas, I'd love to go to the OpenBSD meeting, but Wednesday is my pool league night. Otherwise, I'd offer a car pool.

I used OpenBSD in previous lives in a distributed Snort sensor array, as well as an "dirty side" port scanner for our firewalls. Good stuff, that. I'm running FreeBSD at home as a server, but maintain XP for day to day use. Just never had the patience for the windowing systems on the *nix platforms. Sometimes, I just want things to work w/o having to fiddle with it too much. Good firewalls, AV, segmented networks and plain old (un)common sense has kept me infection free for years and years.

Jeff said...

I have stomach thing going on, but I don't think it's from not washing my hands profusely. No, I'm pretty sure it's from all the hot sauce I dumped on my Thai food yesterday. Lava.

More money is good. Bike parts, and more bike related travel/events.

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