Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fifteen Degrees never felt so good

Okay, maybe I was a bit over-layered up top. I put the ski shell over my ski coat, thus forming the complete deal. This bad boy would keep me toasty down to almost zero degrees with nothing but my base layer under it, and indeed that's all I had on under it. Fifteen this morning, Forty Two this afternoon. My intent is to wear the ski shell windbreaker alone this evening.

Two layers of socks in some very loosely-laced Airwalk shoes kept my toes very warm, like a nice spring morning. I can't express the difference it makes to wear loose shoes in this kind of stuff. Clipless d00ds are kind of hosed, as they'd right pop out of their footing. Welcome to yet another reason why I opt for platforms for winter. That, and I can't stand a giant metal heat-sink under the ball of my foot.

Last night's jaunt on the road bike really seemed to wake my legs up. I felt pretty good this morning despite not getting a whole lot of sleep. The Quivira viaduct didn't hold me back at all, and I had a pretty fun run this morning.

It looks like we'll have our little heat wave this afternoon, then in the next few days settle back into the winter that we should be having, complete with snow and all the other good stuff that goes with it.

Random Tunage:
Evans Blue - Possession (Alt-Rock cover of Possession by Sarah McLachlan)
Bloc Party - I Still Remember


dvicci said...

Oh, how I yearn for thee, sweet warm digits.

I'd consider going platform, but one of the reasons I'm commuting is to keep on the saddle for some big rides later this year. I don't want to "cram" for them, if'n you follow me.

Had I only been out for 7 miles, I would have been just fine this morning. Those two extra miles made a huge difference. Lesson learned.

I will enjoy this afternoon like one enjoys the last cookie.

MRMacrum said...

I too refused to use my clipless pedals in the winter for years. The heat sink problem is real. But then I discovered some winter sneaks made by Lake. I was smart and bought the size larger than I would normally wear so I could stuff my Polar fleece feet into them. As it turns out though, I don't need the socks. Those are the warmest riding boots I have ever used. An added perk is they are waterproof also and go way up over the ankle.

amidnightrider said...

Mid 30's here all week. The roads are somewhat clear if you don't count the ice.

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