Saturday, January 12, 2008

Collated Chaos

Yesterday: Grabbed some lunch at Jimmy John's before catching the bus. Took the A bus home via Turkey Creek again last night, wrapping up Friday with a total of about 9.6 miles. No more silly in-action photos this week. Sorry.

It's 5:30 PM Saturday and I've done no riding. I probably won't get out tomorrow either. I've been pretty busy with other hobbies, other writings, work, and real life. These next 2 Sundays, I have after-hours server work to do from midnight until 4:00 AM. I'm not going to have the energy to ride tomorrow.

Then there's church. My mom, who usually takes care of slides and song lyrics, is sick with bronchitis, so I'll get to run sound, lights and video at the same time. Unfortunately, I'm pretty much the only one who can handle sound right now, and our video software isn't just some quick little PowerPoint knock-off, either. Very few people are comfortable running it. Have I mentioned how difficult it is to worship when you're running a 20-channel sound board, audio recording rig, and video software while trying to figure out what the heck the praise band is doing?

Also, to top things off, our eldest gerbil, Brain, isn't doing too well today. He seemed fine yesterday. Today, he's lethargic, off-balance, and disoriented. This is pretty much what's happened to every single other gerbil I've owned when it's their time, with the exception of Scooby, who died of cancer. We bought Brain with another gerbil, Pinky about 5 years ago. We thought they were both male. After years of playing with one another, I found EIGHT baby gerbils in the cage one day. Just out of no-where. One of them died shortly after birth. Pinky and Brain only a few weeks later squirted out another litter of five. Four of them died and Pinky soon followed them. I held her in my hands and watched her take her last breath. Her death started much, much like what Brain is doing right now. There are six remaining female gerbils from the two litters. I hope if Brain doesn't pull through this, he at least passes peacefully. It's odd how we get attached to pets. I know I'll be fine once this clears, but it doesn't make it any easier knowing that death is imminent.

So there you have it. The mess that is my life, sorted out into neatly organized paragraphs for your consumption. Collated Chaos.


Sirrus Rider said...

I feel your pain. I lost my black female cat about 4 months ago. She was only two years old and I woke to find her stiff on the kitchen floor. It happened on a weekday morning so
I didn't have a chance to bury her untill evening..

MRMacrum said...

I gave up trying to collate my life. I just stuffed it all into a paper bag and carry it around.

Noah said...

I obviously haven't learned that lesson yet.

dvicci said...

Re: the riding. You didn't miss much. Cold, wind, and a touch of woe to round it off. The weather reports were wrong about the wind as far as I could tell.

Sounds like between keeping the praise band sounding good, and the gerbils, you had a pretty full weekend. I hope the gerbils are OK, or at least at peace.

We had a rat back in the day... they're supposed to live a couple of years before moving on. This one hung on for 5. It was a terribly sad day when he left us.

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