Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The brake-n-shakedown

The brakes worked really well this morning, aside from a bit of rubbing slowing me down. That will go away with a wheel tune-up this evening, I'm sure.

Another brisk morning at 11 degrees, and the additional brake drag was not welcome. It didn't set me back too much but I could tell I was hitting the rim in a little spot every rotation. It was either hit the rim a little bit, or not have adequate braking power for the rear. I chose the slower, safer option.

I had Coffee with Lorin this morning, probably for the last time in a while. He's trying to save some cash and part of that means giving up a few luxuries. I'll still see him on the bus as long as I keep riding it though. I'm going to try to see if I can rope him in for a weekly full-ride downtown once it warms up, too.

Anyhow, aside from that, my morning was business as usual. Ultra-caffeinated with some pressed coffee and a mocha, and all the good stuff that goes with it.

Random Tunage:
Orbital - Desert Storm
Steve Winwood - The Finer Things

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