Friday, December 07, 2007

Two Hundred for Two Thousand Seven (So far)

Some of you have actually been reading since shortly after I started writing. A few of you might even remember this post, when I started counting my bicycle commutes. See, prior to Jan 1, I just rode occasionally. Since then, I've attempted to commuting by bike -- in whole or in part -- as much as I can. Today marks my 200th bicycle commute in 2007.

I've only driven to get to work 25 times. Most of those were just to the bus stop. Two times, I drove because I woke up late. The rest of the reasons were either illness or related to errands that would be impossible or terribly inconvenient to run on my bike.

This brings my bicycle-to-car commute ratio up to a mind-boggling (to me) 8.0:1. In March, I was struggling to get up to 3:1. How things change!

I've got the usual first-friday meeting with some nerd friends of mine, so it's going to be a quick jaunt homeward followed by a drive to the Maul. I'll try not to put the emo kids out of their misery. Wish me luck with that. Hopefully, the joyful spirit of holiday shoppers will provide too much positive energy for their comfort and they'll just stay at home.

Random Tunage:
Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're going down
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! Fooled you! Freaking emo trash. I'm actually rockin' out to VNV Nation's album "Matter + Form" right now. A Must-listen, even if it is a few years old.


crazyluv4mcr said...

*flips you off*
Im not even close to emo, and
you suck, MCR rule

you don't suck cause you don't like My Chem, you only suck cause you have to bash someone to feel superior, wtf? if you don't like something then just don't fuckin say anything except maybe "No, I don't like that band."
why do people have to be so petty? *shakes head*

Noah said...

What follows is a long-winded diatribe. Avid KC-Bike Commuting readers should be used to those by now, but this one's off topic, so you can skip it if you wish.

It's worth mentioning that I actually have the option to NOT show you some of the stupid comments people post to my blog. I usually post all of them, even ones like this one, because they're SO fun to reply to.

Dear Misses (I think, I can't tell from the Mice Pace photo) "Crazy Love For My Chemical Romance",

What exactly did you do? Did you ACTUALLY search Blogger for ALL recent posts that even mentioned My Chemical Romance? I think you did, because that is the only plausible way you could have found this post so quickly.

Truth be known, I really don't mind most emo music. Instrumentally, most of it's actually alright. I really could do without the lyrics, but I can't understand what they're singing most of the time anyways.

I don't have to bash anyone to feel superior. I wasn't even bashing any specific person. I simply get annoyed by people who follow a music genre so vigilantly as to allow it to permeate their entire lifestyle so thoroughly in culture, thought and fashion that they have to live day in and day out showing it off. For what it's worth, I feel the same about people who get overly caught up in rap and hip-hop (wanna-be thugs) and electronic music (raver kids) and the like.

I don't hate them, per-se, however I see very little value in walking around every single day, made up like an emo kid, a thug, a pimp, or like one who's ready to go hit some underground dance club with pacifiers and glowsticks.

Occasionally fancying up? Not a problem. Living vicariously through any paradigm, musical or otherwise? Kinda goofy.

I can choose to be annoyed by whomever I wish, and I can certainly write about being annoyed all I want. I'm actually quite good at it. You should see when I really get on a roll.

I was extremely bored this afternoon, so I thoroughly examined your MySpace page. It's obvious to say that you're certainly an MCR fanatic. I'm going to have to call B.S. on you claiming to be "not even close to emo", however. You, as well as the vast majority of your online MySpace friends are 100% certifiable as emo kids. By the way, I'll go ahead and agree with your friends and family. Your obsession isn't good. I'm sorry to break your heart by telling you this. Sounds like it's not the first time, though.

I'm also going to have to call B.S. on you telling me that I suck. I am awesome. I won't say MCR doesn't rule, because they're popular n'stuff. And they can rock out a little better than most Emo bands.

I'm sure you're nice in person, but you really look like a tool when you post stuff like this. Now, go cry somewhere else, emo kid, and try to have an okay weekend. Alright?

MRMacrum said...

I was going to leave this one alone. But like a fly in search of a pile, I just could not stay away.

I usually brush off yours and anyone else's opinion on music. Your opinion means squat to me. As my opinion means squat to you I am sure. We all like what we like. Who cares? That fact that I often nod my head in approval over some of your random tunages is beside the point.

But as you say, getting so wrapped up in a musical or other pop genre to allow it to dictate many aspects of our lives is way over the top and stupid. But it's part of the human stupidity that makes Life a comedy. I love it.

When two Homey wannabes with their ball caps on crooked on top of lily white heads come in dragging the pants cuffs 3 feet behind them try to white jive themselves in my store, I just grin and know whoever out there who is running this show definitely must have a sense of humor.

I once asked this young woman who came in my store regularly why she gussied up her hair with some bright pink hair dye. She said to piss old farts like me off. I laughed in her face and told her she had just made my day. And BTW darling, I do like your new doo. Not the response she was looking for I am sure.

Noah said...

Ah, Crum. See, you can be critical without *flips you off*

And of course you remember This gem (see the comments)

A great many people haven't even heard most of the stuff in my Random Tunage.

In general, I do kind of chuckle at people who get too wrapped up in stuff. Perhaps it's because once I step into the Mall, I'm the minority among a sea of Emo, and I don't like it. That's it. I'm a xenophobe.

Lunatic Biker said...

Congrats on the commuting milestone and good luck with that ice storm.

MRMacrum said...

I meant no disrespect regarding your tunage choices. My comment was more aimed @ crazy luv-er. Music appreciation is one of the basic personal choices we have. I gave up long ago condemning anyone's choice. I also gave up worrying about what folks thought of mine.

I actually like your "all over the map" type random-ness. It tells me that music in general is in your Life. That is a good thing.

I do remember your "schooling" me on some recent pop culture hippness. It's a major reason I keep coming back. How can I expect to keep up without some input from folks closer to it than I am?

Apertome said...

Wow, 200 commutes in a year (that's not even over yet). I am very freaking impressed. I just checked mine and it looks like I'm at 115. I am humbled.

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