Saturday, December 22, 2007

The snow hath returned!

I had to drive in it, too. The first time around, it was in my front-wheel-drive Focus with less-than-ideal tires. They're all-season but showing their age. It wasn't terrible, as it had just been sleeting. A while ago, I had to go back out for some last-minute Christmas stuff and there were several inches of snow on top of glare ice. You'd better believe I took the Explorer 4x4 for that. As much as I love my bike, 4 wheel drive on snow and ice is a blast. There were countless vehicles littering the side of the road, some of which had been very recent.

You're not here to read about my gas-guzzling SUV, though, are ya?

I couldn't resist the temptation to head out and play in the snow. Given that it was also supper time, I made a stop by Taco Bell. Hey, it's close, what can I say?

1 comment:

Warren T said...

You should rename the second photo "Refueling."

Merry Christmas Noah.

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