Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Got my panniers back!

... and this heat wave has me chomping at the bit to ride my road bike (nom nom nom.)

The air's been above freezing since yesterday morning. There was lot of melting yesterday, and today the last of the slush has burned off. There are some plow piles laying around, but the roads and walkways seem to be mostly clear.

I had to chase the bus down this afternoon because the driver didn't stop. Once on the bus, someone elusively mentioned this blog. It's not the first time it's happened, but I'm still not used to people recognizing me while I'm out and about. I'm not exactly famous (and have the site stats to prove it) so it's odd to find out people -- real ones -- actually read the stuff I write for fun.

Almost a month ago, I took my panniers to a tailor to get some seams stitched up and reinforced. I figured that I'd get a call from them when they were done, but didn't. Today, I swung by to check on it. I guess they don't call customers, even though they had my number. The shop did a great job, and didn't charge me much for the repairs.

I'll probably resist the temptation to break out the Trek, so it might be a while before I get to see how well the seams hold.

Random Tunage:
Eclipse - Drummer Boy
Orbital - Nothing Left (Breeder Remix)

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