Friday, November 09, 2007


It wasn't really all that cold out this morning (high 30s) but I left my jacket completely unzipped, figuring that I'd warm up nicely after departure. I left late and I planned on mashing it a bit, but didn't want to sweat too much - That's why I didn't zip up.

Well, after a mile, I wasn't getting any warmer. I wasn't that cold, either. A few miles down the road, I was getting colder, not warmer. I figured that the slog up to Antioch road would surely heat me up. Nope. My arms and head were warm, but my legs and core were just getting colder. Finally, about 9 miles into my 14 mile work-bound trip, I gave up. I tried to zip up while riding, but couldn't engage the zipper. I had to pull over.

Of course, the whole inside of my jacket was cold from being filled with cool wind for the last 9 miles, so it did very little to immediately warm me up. It's one of those blue service-worker jackets with a foam-filled liner, and overall it's a great middle-weight jacket. Its liner was saturated with cold air, though, which was not a good thing. Eventually, my back warmed up, but my front never did. I got to the coffee shop and took off my jacket. My back was starting to sweat from the Main street slog just moments before, but my belly and chest were frigid. That was more than an hour ago. I still haven't chased the chill from my bones.

Note to self: zip up at the beginning of the ride, and then unzip to ventilate if it gets too hot.

Random Tunage:
Sarah McLachlan - World On Fire
The Distance - Measure

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chuong doan said...

On days like that I just stop by the QT on SW, grab a cheap cup of coffee and pour it down my jersey.

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