Friday, November 02, 2007

Too nice to waste it

It was just awesome this afternoon. I had a meeting until 3:00 and nothing to do after that, so I escaped a little earlier than usual today. The temperature was perfect, traffic hadn't kicked up too much yet, and winds were minimal. I couldn't waste it. I hit the bike, and got home a little after 4:00. A quick soap-ninja scrub-down and some errands (by car, sadly) later, I was ready to go to the meeting.

We're probably going all over the place after the meeting, so no bike at the Maul tonight.

Sunday I was hoping for a 150-mile week. I ended up packing almost 170 in, and that's assuming I don't get on the bike at all this weekend.

Not a perfect start to November, but it's close.

Random Tunage:
Peaches - AA XXX
Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - Live Tropical Fish

1 comment:

Warren T said...

Yeah, I love this time of year. Your doing great -- keep it up. Peaches? How's about some Peaches and Herb?

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