Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Out with the MTB, In with Hybridzilla

A bus rider stopped the bus to exit at 95th and Nieman, so I took the opportunity to follow his lead, and got off at the same time. I can take Nieman up to 91st, then over to Quivira's pedestrian path, which is what I did. The downside is that it takes a bit longer and there are narrow lanes the whole way. The bonus? Considerably less traffic in the evening.

For those of you that remember the crash back in March that snapped a few of my teeth in half, I'm working on getting my "fang" repaired permanently. The tooth that broke cleanly horizontally has been fine ever since I had my teeth fixed in April. The one that snapped diagonally has lost its cap twice now. To further the mess, I think that the diagonal crack (which goes to my gumline) has allowed a periodontal pocket to form, given some symptoms I've been having. If true, this will also mean that my previous dentist's diagnosis was completely wrong. Tomorrow, I'm seeing a new dentist in Prairie Village. This guy will likely have to see me three times or more before my tooth is all up to snuff. We'll have to see.

I was going to just ride all the way there, but I changed my mind. I'll take the Metro Area Express (MAX) to Waldo, MO and ride a few miles over to the dentist's office. From there, I'll ride home. It's basically just 2 miles east of where my usual Monday night rides start and end. I just got done reenlisting Hybridzilla and setting the mountain bike aside. With a bit of longer distance tomorrow, I'll be thankful for the lighter, nimbler, sleeker, smoother ride. My panniers are still on vacation, so there's not much point in taking the Trek out tomorrow. Once I tuck into the drop bars, my backpack gets really annoying, so I'll be limited to the hoods or flats anyways.

I might be wrong, but a memory check verified by a quick glance at my previous posts says that I've been on the mountain bike for about 3 weeks straight. We'll see if I remember how to ride clipless on Hybridzilla in the morning.

Random Tunage:
D:Fuse - Bodyshock
Nine Inch Nails - The Only Time

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Sirrus Rider said...

Remember when taking a header over the bars take the situation seriously, duck and cover.. I.E. don't go over the bars with a big-wide-open-Cheese-eatin' grin. If you don't follow this simple maxim on impact with the ground you will lose pieces of your tounge, or your teeth.. 8-)

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