Friday, November 16, 2007

Nice ride home & Drive-thru at the bank

Photo: Arriving home at twilight. The Trek DiscoTech takes on steady taillight duty while the Mars 3.0 flashes away on my helmet (not shown). The DiNotte 200L casts a pretty impressive beam up front.

I departed work today a little later than usual, but not so late that I thought the bus was mandatory. Talk about beautiful weather! It was about 60 degrees, but there was a bit of a stiff headwind. I just took it easy and rode it out. In what I can only call "training" -- and I don't "train", mind you -- I decided to not coast at all on my way home. Move those feet! It seemed like an easier trip than usual given the headwinds. I'm not sure why.

I had a UPS guy drive right in front of me near home, and I had to lay on the brakes. I followed him around and gave him a quick lecture that began with the "did you see me back there?" question. I won't call him in, because he seemed genuinely apologetic. I can only hope he SEES both ways next time he LOOKS both ways. It seems a lot of people are really good at turning their heads and eyes down the road, but really bad about actually paying attention to what their eyes are pointed at. He didn't pose a direct risk to me because I had already started braking. Some truck drivers are pretty good at looking out for people, but it's my experience that most are a little on the cavalier side.

I got to my apartment complex at about 4:40 this afternoon, which is a little later than usual. When I checked the mail, I found a check for some consulting work I'd done earlier this month. Without even coming up to my apartment, I turned around and set out to the bank.

Now, I used to hit the drive-thru all the time when I lived in Olathe. Bank, pharmacy, restaurants, and anywhere else. Since I moved to Lenexa, I haven't really had the opportunity. The pharmacies near me are in strip malls, and I've been using the bank downtown when I need to do business. They do not have a drive-thru at the closest branch to my office, either. Today was my first attempt at a bike-thru of my bank's closest branch. This required the crossing of 87th and I-35. I'll be honest. I use the sidewalk along 87th during rush hour most of the time, at least near I-35. This whole area is a death-trap, and for what it's worth, there is a pretty well-designed pedestrian path on the bridge.

The transaction at the bank went as smoothly as if I had driven through in a car. I always love when it works out like that.

Random Tunage:
The Strokes - 12:51
Chicane - Saltwater


Jeff said...

Anonymous said...

wow,i guess i need to try the drive-thru at my bank,i completed my goal for the week,riding everyday to work this week!,plus i met the wife at Blackeye Pea one of those nites for dinner six miles away!you mention you lites,i run a Trek on the rear of the seat,and a NiteRider TailFazer 5.0 down around the leftside pannier.only been comutting afew months,but now i'am hating to get in a car!,is this normal?,Love your Blog it is in my Favs, a must read with coffee every moring,keep up the great work.!!!!!!

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