Monday, November 05, 2007

Like an old friend

The homeward was nice with a stiff cross/tailwind. I swung by a steakhouse about half a mile from home, which required me to use Nieman to Marshall. This is part of the same route that I used to ride when I lived in Olathe. To get to Nieman, I took Turkey Creek trail's new steep climb to Switzer, then down Edgewood Blvd.

After getting the food home and eating, I took off to the Recovery ride. With total darkness on my side, I went ahead and rode 87th street to get there. In the hour between when I left my apartment and when the ride started, the temperature had slipped almost 10 degrees. I can't believe how many people were out on the ride, I think I counted 20.

After the ride, I had to make a trip to the grocery store that's about 2 miles the other side of my apartment from the ride location. With temperatures falling further, I was starting to get pretty chilly. I made it there and back home, though.

I logged about 54 miles today total.

Random Tunage:
Vertical Horizon - Everything you want
Lisa Loeb - Do you sleep

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