Monday, November 19, 2007

Is that rain? No...

55 degrees, 90% relative humidity this morning. When I walked the bike down the steps, I saw glare off the pavement as if it'd been raining. The skies above had clouds, but not the kind that make rain. Looking through the weather observation history for the overnight hours, all I see is fog and haze being reported. No, it did not rain. That's dew. Condensation on the road, and a lot of it. Enough to leave a solid film. Enough to fill in wheel ruts with 1/4" deep water.

As I rode, my the hairs on my arms actually accumulated dew themselves. It was hard to tell because I was also getting the occasional water splash from the wheel ruts.

Karen pulled out behind me as I passed 79th street. I don't know why, but she had a long-sleeve windbreaker on, which seemed ridiculous to me. I was staying pretty warm in my short-sleeve wicking t-shirt and shorts. That's her off the edge of my picture. You can see how wet the road is.

None of the regulars showed up to partake in coffee this morning, so I gulped my mocha as quickly as possible and made my way to work.

Mark Thomas has been getting more adventurous on the Monday night rides, so I'll probably switch over to the Sorrento tonight. Forecast calls for rain starting sometime tomorrow, followed by a wintry mix for Wednesday into Thanksgiving. I'll probably shelve the Trek for the rest of this week, which means full trips are not terribly likely for the rest of the week. If I'm feeling up to it, I'll ride all the way home tonight, but we'll have to see how I feel, what the wind is doing, and all that jazz.

Random Tunage:
Vertical Horizon - You're a God
4 Strings - Let it Rain


Apertome said...

Those sure are some weird conditions!

Thanks for your advice about shoes ... I'll try the whole loosening my shoes thing. I had never thought of that but it makes sense the way you explain it.

martinoffroad said...

I rode yesterday morning also from home and I wore tights, extra socks and a long sleeve medium weight wicking shirt under my long sleeve jersey. The clothing choice is all a matter of what keeps you warm or comfortable, you would have probably sweated up a storm in what I was wearing but I was enjoying the ride and staying very comfortable...but then I get cold easily. In saying this, what keeps one person comfortable might not for the other person.
I did wear shorts on my way home in the balmy 70 degree weather coming home though...that was a nice ride home.

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