Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Insert photo here

[Insert Photo of Bicycle Police Officers Here] I saw a whole gaggle of bike cops outside my office as I left. I asked if I could take their picture, but I was told that they "have to worry about photos being taken of them and put on the Internet and blogs" so you just have to imagine 5 bicycle cops, armed to the teeth. They were straddling Trek Police bikes with cheap LED headlights, and Blinkies hanging off the back of rack-mounted trunk bags.

I found out why I rarely see bike cops, though. They told me that they usually only work from 5pm - 3am. I don't blame them. You'd have to be a lunatic to ride through KC during the day. Oh, wait...

Supposedly, there's something going on at Sprint Center that they need to attend to, which has called them to early duty. Perhaps Garth Brooks parked his double-wide illegally.

I'm still sore from yesterday. I'm taking the bus home. See ya tomorrow!


Warren T said...

My daughter had a photo class assignment where she had to take pictures of "Authority Figures" ... she tried to get some police officers to let her take their picture and she encountered similar reluctance. Bummer.

Noah said...

This is the closest I can come up with:

My wife's co-workers on their bikes, which are the exact same bikes that KCMO uses, all the way down to a huge disparity in model years.

My wife works in public safety at the local community college, by the way.

Sirrus Rider said...

You don't see the bike cops that often because you have to troll with the right kind of bait.

Traditionally a good fiberglass fishing rod attached to the rear of a mountain bike with some good 50lb test is used with either Dunkin' Or Shipley glazed dough nuts tied on the end; however, in recent years Crispy Creme has been the bait of choice for catching the more corpulent varieties of biker cop..

Revrunner said...

I had a similar dilemma when I wanted to take a picture of the bike police at my daughter's university. They were riding Cannondales, as I recall. But I didn't even get so far as to ask. I just figured it that if I felt like I had to ask, then I'd better not.

Dan said...

Nest time, don't ask. Shoot first and ask questions later.

Andrew said...

It's polite to ask, but you don't need a cop's permission to take a photograph of them if they are in a public place (Sprint Center, university campus).

Noah said...

While I'm certain that I'd be well within my rights of expression to take a picture of a person or people directly with the intent to post them on my silly corner of the blogosphere, it's somewhat of an unwritten rule in the photographer's code of ethics to get permission before using someone's likeness for public display.

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