Sunday, November 18, 2007

Haven't ridden to church in a while...

"Church" in my case, is Olathe East High School, which as you can see has a bicycle rack, complete with locks that kids leave on the rack, much like I do with my lock at work.

The weather was in the mid 40's this morning and I woke up early enough that I decided to ride to church. Normally, I drive since I usually go to my parents' place after church. That'd make for about 50-60 miles on the bike, which I don't have time for on Sundays. This week, I'm not going over there, since Thanksgiving is coming up this week anyways.

You can see my reflection in this photo.

It had warmed into the mid-50s by the time I got out of church. Just beautiful! On my way home, I had to swing by a store to pick up something for my wife. It was a bit out of the way, but not too far. I came up Black Bob to College Blvd, made a loop over I-35 onto Santa Fe Trail Drive, which brought me home through old town Lenexa. The whole trip was a little more than 15 miles. I took a few photos while I was out. Click on either of the ones in this post to see the whole gallery.

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