Thursday, November 15, 2007

Got out a little late

Photo: My (rather portly) Trek waits for the bus to arrive.

You've gotta love the Information Security business. Yesterday, a little blip showed up on my security radar. That minor blip on my radar turned into something pretty epic today. Nothing major in and of itself, I just caught a bug mere days away from becoming something ugly and difficult to clean up.

Anyhow, a few extra meetings and e-mails today made for a delayed departure. With the evil sun destroying the retinas of all drivers going my way and the evil traffic that manifests itself whenever I don't get out before rush hour, I decided to bus it home. What a shame, too. It was in the low 50s again. Ah, well.

I thought I had missed my bus, so I high-tailed it down to Union Station. Everyone knows that a bike can beat a bus so it was just a matter of beating it to the next major stop. On my way, one of my co-workers beeped his horn at me and waved while I was stuck roadside tightening the gear straps on the top of my panniers. Not more than 30 seconds later, I waved at him as I filtered through some gnarly construction that was congesting the lane. I love my bike. I'm sure I'll catch hell from him in the morning, but I was in the right lane... even though it was closed. Oops.

Random Tunage:
Martin Page - House of Stone & Light
Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (In larger amounts remix)

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