Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wrenching on the 'Scort

If you've been reading this for a while, you'll know that I sold my Escort to a friend of mine back in May so that I could pay for my Trek 1200. Since I sold it to a friend and I have quite a bit of experience wrenching on the car, I told him that I don't mind helping with maintenance, especially the things that I knew would need fixing soon, like the clutch.

Yesterday, I went out to his in-laws' place to undertake the task. It took close to 12 hours, but we did it. There were a few complications along the way but in the end, the car seems to work fine. Something unrelated broke today -- not sure why, but it should be an easy fix.

Between wrenching yesterday and having family over today, I didn't ride at all this weekend. It's been raining most of the night, and it doesn't look like it'll dry out by morning. Also, my wrist is doing better but still healing, so I'll use the bus again in the morning.


Tim O said...

Been a while since you were driving the Escort and I had my SVT Focus....we used to eat pasta at Fazoli's at the FJ meetings but weren't burning much of it off in those days!!

Noah said...

Actually, that photo was taken in the fazoli's parking lot. The blue thing in the lower corner is part of Lance's old Mazda MP3. It's likely your SVT was present and accounted for when I took that picture. :)

Frogman said...

Oh, the 'scort drives great. It just doesn't charge the battery ATM. ;) FWIW, I may be able to get the bracket welded back together, if it can be done while on the car. Pulling the PS pump looks like hell, at least in my driveay.

Noah said...

I'd be leery of welding aluminum, but the worst that can happen (I think) is that it'll just break again and we'll be going to the boneyard some weekend.

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