Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Really late start

I think I got out around 6:00. 20 minutes behind schedule. It was late enough that I had almost pondered just riding down to the bus stop, but I decided to go for it anyways. The air was a solid 50 degrees today, relatively chilly. I encountered a train on 67th, so I bypassed it by riding Turkey Creek trail to get to Merriam Lane. This move saved me time versus waiting for the train, but cost me a few minutes over my usual route (Carter to Merriam Lane) because it's pitch black and my NiteRider doesn't illuminate a wide area, so I had to keep my speed down.

Other than that, nothing really worth mentioning. JR and Lorin were already coffee-ing when I showed up. I locked my bike to one of the new snazzy bike racks, too.

Oh yeah, I made this somewhat ugly but apparently functional bicycle speed calculator. Enter your spin-out cadence and information about your bike's tires and gearing (biggest chainring and smallest cog). It will give you your bike's theoretical top speed. It'll also work to tell you an approximate speed given any gear ratio, tire size and cadence combination. Obviously this is spin-out top speed only and doesn't account for one's inability to push hard enough to spin out a hard gear, or for things like coasting down a steep grade.

My top-speed calculator

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Apertome said...

I looked at your calculator, but didn't know any of the numbers. I could select my wheel/tire size from the dropdown box, but I have no idea what my spin-out cadence is, or what the gearing is on any of my bikes. Alas!

Noah said...

Well, for cadence, 120 is fast. 150 is my max cadence pretty much when I'm clipped in.

I found this information about my Trek 1200 on their website:

2006 Trek 1200

Chainring 30/42/52 teeth
Cassette 12-25 teeth
Tires 700x25

Entering all that info gives me 51 MPH.

I've also found that ePinions, roadbike review and MTBR often have the gearing information online.

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