Thursday, October 11, 2007

Making a statement

I got a sticker a long time ago. I'm guessing it's been 9 years. It was somewhat vulgar, but it was among a bunch of stuff being handed out for free. I'm not much for unrestricted vulgarity -- a self-described "conservative protestant Christian." In fact, I'll usually censor my own writing if I want to write a swear word. With that out of the way, this sticker that's remained homeless in a box of stuff for nearly a decade finally found a home on my mountain bike. On my bike, it's less a statement of vulgarity, and more a statement of wanton disregard for the system to which I'm currently restrained. F work, I want to ride my bike. If it said "Forget work" or "Work Sucks" I probably would have grabbed a fist full of them.

Some will laugh at me for being torn about plastering the F word on my bike. Some will scorn me for doing it. For example, Lorin (a fellow Christian) was not amused.

If you see it while I'm cruising the streets of downtown KC, don't be offended. Smile and know that like many bike commuters, I'm living to ride, riding to work, and working to live. Deep inside, I really wish I could cut work out of the equation and simply live to ride and ride to live. While I like my current job, work in general is the bane of my existence and I really wish I could just win the lottery (it'd help if I played on occasion) and retire in my 20's.

Tomorrow, a new Starbucks is opening up quite literally one block from the one I usually go to. It's not quite Lewis Black's "Starbucks across from a Starbucks" routine, but it's dangerously close. Tomorrow, I'm going to go to this new Starbucks a block away from the Starbucks that I usually go to. Just because.

Lewis Black's skit has been played over a slide show of various starbucks photos and I posted it below. Give it a listen if you haven't heard it before. I think it's hilarious.

Random Tunage:
Sutro Ft. Tyler Stone - Affected (Honeycut mix)
Binary Finary - 2000


B said...

You should join the Trek bike store of KC of the breast cancer awareness ride this Saturday (Oct. 13). The entry fee is 25 but all the money goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Check out their website for more details

Noah said...

My schedule's a little tight on the weekends. I'd like to make it but I'm not sure if the budget and my schedule will allow for it. Perhaps I'll be out there, though.

Dan said...

'F' word? Which one?

Forget Work?

Find Work?

Follow Work?

Free Work?

Fun Work?

Fastidious Work?

Fu... Oh.... never mind.

Noah said...

If you look close, you can read it on my top tube.

Apertome said...

I don't find this offensive, personally, although I don't think I'd be bold enough to ride to work on a bike with that kind of sticker.I at least try to pretend I don't feel that way while I'm on the job ;)

Noah said...

I like my job and I show it. I just don't like working to survive.

It also helps that my MTB stays locked to a rack in a rarely-seen part of the lowest level of our parking garage.

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